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More About The Cask of Diogenes

Our intent in this endeavor is to create a beautiful and perfect binary temple, one whose Corinthian columns and frescoes will eventually be a sacred place where artists, true artists can come, take their rest and share their works without thought of pretense or gain.  This is a place for those who the “industry” has overlooked or has been relegated to the shadows, your works to never be seen.  Well come then my brothers and sisters of Apollo, of the ancient and sacred crafts of music, literature, painting and the digital arts, rest well here knowing that in this temple you have found kindred.

To the industry that has rejected or overlooked us, I say this:  Give us your downtrodden and forgotten and I will assemble about me a grand people, those of the light and who wish to follow the true path.  The glory of expression lies not in gain nor fame, but in that your expression is heard by others and appreciated many.

If these words resonate with you and there is a burning in your breast for this then take your comfort here my friends, you have found a home in this temple.



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