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More About The Cask of Diogenes

Our intent in this endeavor is to publish and help people understand how to publish they're works. This is a place for those who the “industry” has overlooked or has been relegated to the shadows, your works to never be seen.

To that industry I say this:  Give us your downtrodden and forgotten and I will assemble about me a grand people, those of the light who wish to follow the true path.  The glory of expression lies not in gain nor fame, but in that your expression is heard by others and appreciated many.

If these words resonate with you and there is a burning in your breast to write, then take your comfort here my friends, you have found a home.  Contact us via one of the links below and let's get started on publishing your first book!!!



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We will get you published!

We look forward to working together with you!

Let us work with you to publish your manuscript. Once you contact us we will go over your work, then send it to our professional Editor to be line-edited and proof read. Then we will work with you via zoom, and teach you how to publish on Amazon. We do not ask money for this only that you give us credit here at the Cask of Diogenes in your book. Allowing us to put some of your work on our website would be nice too, but not required. Remember this is all free.