• Carl Gaskin

Last night I dreamt of are my thoughts as I woke and made ready for the day.

Fractals represent eternity in the present, PHI's spirals dance out from them and on them. This can be seen in all things in the physical universe, from the cell to the cosmos and beyond. These things are God's gift to us and allow us to see the architecture of his grand design.

We are allowed to see these things with our human eyes and understand them deeper through the elevation of the mind. Now there are many gifts that the Grand Architect of creation has left to us, little hidden gems that lie buried in the stone of mystery and buried in many places here in the world as we know it. Some are in our mind and can be unlocked through the discipline of true meditation, and proper alignment of the pineal gland. In being able to feel the vibrations and sine waves of the universe. These things are the most effective and allow for a deeper journey into the fractal plane and let us dance upon those sacred spirals, and even touch the consciousness of the entities there.

However this is not for everyone and is impossible for some, but the creator, that Grand Architect, has given us many gifts; compounds and beautiful beautifully designed molecules that are found in so many sacred herbs and plants. However, these journeys seem to only allow a glimpse into those glorious and confounding planes and other realities. In this sense, it is as if we see through a system and darkened window, unlike the traveling of a transcendental sober mind.

One can rest well through dear friends and readers. There is one thing that is guaranteed to us and that is death. that our final moment in which we draw our last breath, that moment which is both glorious and infinitely sad. It is this single most important moment in an individual's life, that moment of death and the fear that accompanies it that drives us to almost irrational desperation to cling to this mortal coil. Even in the face of unimaginable suffering

Please dear readers do not mistake the preceding paragraphs for a longing for that moment or even that one should not embrace this phase of the now, the here of existence. In fact to not do this is an affront to the grand architect who has created the beautiful garden of this existence, the here and the now. If one so chooses one could embrace the joy of this salvation and taste the sweet fruits and experiences of the flesh and emotion. The feel of the sun on the cheeks, the cool sting of water on a hot day. The joy of love and the orgasm, the taste of good food or wine, and a full belly. It is these things and many many more that are gifts that we will leave here when we move on into the ethereal.

In short, there is a balance to be struck between the pleasures of the flesh and a fascination of the other realms. to live with this balance with a sober and inquisitive mind, is to live a life fulfilled and to pass on to the next plane with dignity and joy, like a baby being born again is the ultimate praise to that Grand Architect that whom we call God and his prophets.

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