• Carl Gaskin

Writing at it's most basic

Updated: Jun 30, 2021

Fighting and fucking seems to be the basis of every good tale whether it's a space Opera, a classic Western or a Greek tragedy. Fighting and fucking and the wellspring of human interaction that orbits around these base desires seems to be the core archetypes of all fiction. Now some people might say that this is trite or shallow of us as humans and granted it may be. However, I would argue that this is not the case. We are humans and as such we are animals, granted higher order animals, yet we all fall prey to the desire for the most base of our instincts and as artists we have two jobs: capture the audience, capture their eye, imagination and their attention. How we do this, and the most adept among us, do so by understanding the most basic and primal drives of humanity. So what being an artist means to me is this..

It's your goal to draw an audience's attention by understanding and employing these most primal of things so that it resonates and captures your audience and their attention. For it is in that moment, and only then my dear friends whether you're performing before a crowd of 10,000 or a lonely reader on a rainy night, that you pull that person close to you. That uncomfortable place, where hands clasp in a shake and hug with lip to ear. The place where a whisper could so easily become a sinister tickle, it is in that moment dear friends and fellow artists that you speak your truth to them.

Fighting and fucking, I believe that these are a few of the most basic building blocks of good fiction. Employ them to whatever degree you need to build the canvas upon which you will create a story, a world, a universe. For it is then that we are gods.

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