• Carl Gaskin

Power and Greatness

What is the difference between greatness and power? The trick is to discern the difference between people who are mimicking greatness for power. We can do this in modern society by paying careful attention, by talking about it and listening. This is the point of free speech, it is the purpose of political attention. Because you want the Great but it is mimicked by psychopaths who want power, that doesn't mean that power is the basis of our hierarchical human relationships. That's only the case when they've gone badly wrong.

When society is corrupt then the powerful rule. When a society isn't corrupt then the Great have authority. That is not the same thing. One may ask why the beta male in modern society is the object of attention, it is because we have confused the concepts of Great and Powerful. Now we're so afraid of power that we're willing to dispense with the greatness entirely or question whether it even exists, that's the attack on the meritocracy.

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